Client Testimonials

Their equipment was top notch and the crew was dedicated to the job at hand

We’ve had the opportunity to apply new roofing a couple of times in the last several years because of hail. Ridgeline was the contractor on the second job after having way too much trouble on the first job. Ridgeline was recommended to me by a contractor for whom I have a lot of respect. When I contacted Ridgeline I paid attention to how they communicated back to me. Response times, professionalism and clarity were were sharp and notable. Ridgeline displayed a high level of cooperation when discussing the job as it fit in the overall project of the other work being conducted on the house. We had people siding, painting and working on the interior at the same time with an overall deadline for the entire house. Ridgeline approached their part of the project from a perspective of how can we achieve success for everyone that will best serve the owner. . Ridgeline came on the job site in full force. There were weather issues to contend with and Ridgeline made certain that they never got ahead of one part of the job without being able to finish that portion in such a way as to assure us we would not suffer damage through weather delays. They adjusted their crew size from a very small crew handling preparations to an army for the big push. Their equipment was top notch and the crew was dedicated to the job at hand. That is my Ridgeline experience. If you have a roofing job, call Ridgeline. They are competitively priced and the quality of the product they deliver is excellent. Very, very good.

– Bozeman Homeowner

Thank You!

Thank you for the beautiful roof job. Your concern or cleanliness, readiness, high quality work, and always explaining the process to us was so very much appreciated. We wish you guys could do our heating system for us – then we wouldn’t worry. Thank you!
– Mike & Judy Hammond