Snow & Ice Mitigation

The Ridgeline Roofing Cooperative offers several options for snow and ice removal ranging from traditional rooftop services to our self-contained 500 gallon steam trailer unit. Snow and ice dam removal is both dangerous and delicate work that should always be conducted by roofing professionals, as we are familiar with high angle safety systems and have developed the comfort level necessary to achieve an efficient rate of snow and ice removal in an extremely hazardous working environment. Roofing professionals also fully understand the nature of the roofing materials beneath the snow and ice and are conscientious about maintaining the integrity of the roof system. We offer these services by seasonal contract, through our Roof Asset Management programs and also at a simple hourly rate. If your home, business or complex is in need of rooftop snow and ice dam removal services, please give us a call for detailed information and to schedule a visit.

Radiant Heat Melt Systems/ Snow Retention products – We offer a full spectrum of snow retention devices and offer state-of-the-art hidden radiant snow melt systems from companies like Heatizon, Copper Exclusive, S-5 and Tra-Mage for those looking to solve their ice damming issues once and for all. We design systems that will eliminate complex ice damming problems and prevent dangerous snow sliding situations while never losing site of the aesthetic value of your mountain home. If you are tired of dealing with issues related to snow build-up or ice damming, consider having Ridgeline design and install a system capable of keeping your roof system draining properly even in the most extreme alpine environments.