Cedar Roofing Systems

The natural beauty of a well done cedar roof is tough to match from an aesthetic perspective and when quality cedar products are installed properly, the system can last for decades. At Ridgeline, we carefully select all of our cedar by working directly with local distributors to acquire product lines from reputable mills with a track record of high quality and consistency. We use 100% stainless steel fasteners for our cedar installations as well as Benjamin Obdyke’s Cedar Breather, an innovative product that allows the cedar roof to “breathe” by creating airflow on the underside of the roof system.

All of our cedar installers have years of experience on distinctive custom homes and are very well versed in Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau installation guidelines. For complex cedar roofs in the alpine environment, we intelligently design hidden radiant ice melt systems and also offer beautiful and functional metal eave accents to help mitigate ice damming issues. We offer several types/grades of cedar roofing material and many unique installation styles for the discerning homeowner.